We maintain professional, clear lines of communication with clients

Our client service goal is to establish and promote professional relationships which support the attainment of objective, optimal risk-adjusted investment returns.

We understand that our clients’ priority is the successful execution of their investment plan, and we are committed to executing with integrity and transparency.

One of our missions is to expand our clients’ expectations for what the fixed income component of an investment portfolio can accomplish. To that end, we engage clients in an ongoing, open-ended dialogue that serves as an important part of our value proposition and long-term success.

As such, we endeavor to maintain professional, clear lines of communication, allowing us to provide insights on our investment strategies, as well as analysis of the market forces and portfolio management decisions that affect portfolio performance.

We offer our clients comprehensive evaluations of portfolio strategies and results on a regular basis via:

Ours is an entrepreneurial business environment. To us, the act of creating and building a successful business is not simply a matter of establishing philosophies and processes to generate the returns our clients seek. Rather, we take a much broader view, understanding that investment returns are not an end unto themselves; rather, they are the means by which we can best serve our clients.