Institutional and carefully selected individual clients

Our investment team consists of Jeffrey L. Bryden, CFA and Jonathan G. Rigano, CFA. Our administration is handled by Gail L. Betzhold and Renae Engel.

We manage portfolios for institutional and carefully selected individuals. Our clients include:

  • Corporate

  • Taft-Hartley

  • Charitable

  • High Net Worth

  • Other Individual

Fixed Income Overview

Our research process is quantitatively-driven, with an active portfolio management process. Our goal is to offer fixed income investments that provide meaningful returns to investors, and that their inherently conservative nature means that a bond portfolio should generate its returns within a largely fixed range of possible outcomes, and in compliance with the client’s particular investment objective.

We manage fixed income portfolios to function as a source of portfolio stability and, where appropriate, risk management. The objective of the investment management team is two-fold:

  • Apply a Investment Philosophy and Fixed Income Investment Process across each of our strategies.

  • Create customized portfolios for each client, based upon their investment objectives and criteria (with the unique needs of each client strongly influencing duration, security, sector allocation, and quality, in each separate account portfolio).

As a result, our customized approach offers investors the opportunity to maximize their risk-adjusted investment returns over the long-term while staying true to their investment criteria.