Our research and portfolio construction techniques have a long record of demonstrated success, offering our clients the opportunity to enhance their risk-adjusted returns.


Fixed Income

Disciplined fixed income investments contribute to portfolio returns. Our quantitative research and portfolio construction techniques have a long record of demonstrated success. JB Investment Management offers clients the opportunity to enhance risk-adjusted returns, as well as broaden their understanding. 


Indexed Equity

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) allow clients to obtain stock market exposure while removing the volatility inherent in traditional active equity portfolio management. The attributes of such a passive, index-based approach mitigate volatility and uncertainty, providing long-term consistency of returns.


Analytical Process

Our highly analytical Portfolio Management Process ensures a better match between our consistently-applied management framework and each client’s unique investment objective. Our investment process and client reporting adheres to the highest ethical standards and transparency.


Customized Portfolio

JB Investment Management has the tools and experience to efficiently create successful customized portfolio solutions for each client. Please contact us at:

JB Investment
Management, LLC

13890 Bishops Drive, Suite 350, Brookfield, WI 53005 262.439.2100 Email Us

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We exceed our clients’ expectations

We understand that our clients’ priority is the successful execution of their investment plan, and done so with integrity. For this reason, we ensure our Fixed Income Investment Process and Equity Investment Process adhere to the highest ethical standards and transparency.

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Investment Commentary for December 2017

Few surprises.  That best describes the bond market for 2017.  Coupon like returns, stable to tighter credit spreads, and higher short-term interest rates.  One item that was unexpected was the strength in long-term interest rates.  Whether the result of low inflation expectations or large demand by foreign buyers, long-term U.S. Treasury interest rates fell.  The yield curve flattened with 30 Year Treasury Bonds providing strong performance, estimated around 9.8%.  Considering the starting yield was near 3.0%, capturing near a double-digit return would qualify as a major surprise.


Research Report: Transformation of the Bloomberg Barclays Intermediate Government Credit Index

The Investment Grade fixed income universe has undergone a transformation over the last decade.  The Bloomberg Barclays Intermediate Government Credit Index is a widely accepted representative fixed income benchmark for Core Investment Grade investors. As such, the index of ten years ago is not the index of today. In this report JB Investment Management examines the  composition of this index.



Meaningful and consistent returns

We create customized portfolios for each client, based upon their investment objectives and criteria (with the unique needs of each client strongly influencing duration, security, sector allocation, and quality, in each separate account portfolio).  We offer our clients the opportunity to maximize their risk-adjusted investment returns over the long-term while staying true to their investment criteria.

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